Jamie has delivered motivational talks for businesses, events and schools around the world.

Jamie CathedralPic credit: Gloucester Citizen

Having overcome debilitating and life-threatening childhood illnesses to conquer monumental physical and mental challenges in a bid to give back to those that helped him, Jamie is keen to share his story of beating the odds and proving that we are capable of much more than many of us know.

Jamie’s talks can be tailored to fit individual audiences, but using his journey as the background, the talks focus on, among other aspects:

  • ‘Never Give Up’
  • Overcoming adversity
  • Finding determination when most needed
  • Inspiring people of all ages and abilities to succeed not matter what
  • The benefits of physical activity and a healthy lifestyle
  • The importance of community and giving back
  • Keep ‘Moving Forward’

If you would like to book Jamie McDonald to talk at your business, event or school, please contact speaker representative, Rich Leigh – contact@jamiemcdonald.org Please include as much information as possible, including date(s), estimated audience size and any other relevant details.

“Jamie has an inspiring story to tell, using his stories to motivate others with his incredible adventures” – Sir Steve Redgrave, Rower, 5 time Olympic Gold Medalist

“At an event attended by over 250 staff, Jamie’s brief was to; have some fun, and show the audience what is possible, when you never give up – well he certainly achieved all of that and more. Jamie provoked laughter, tears, shock, more laughter and transmitted a whole chunk of pride and self-esteem to the audience, with his inspirational and uplifting story telling. 5 months later staff are still talking about it! Jamie’s talk fosters a lasting connection, on never giving up” – NTT Europe HQ

“Best speaker I’ve seen in 25 years. A real and refreshing change for what I normally would expect in the corporate affair” – Capita

“We know of Terry Fox, my brother, to have determination, commitment, dedication, living mind over matter and you’ve shown all of these characteristics and especially shown these kids today, that anything is possible. Incredible presentation, thank you” – Fred Fox, at Terry Fox’s School

“Amazing speaker, you make me want to get out there and do more…” Jill Douglas, BBC presenter

“Using wit, intelligence and a hugely engaging delivery style, Jamie inspired the audience with a talk on determination, the endeavour to succeed and insight into the meaning and purpose of success.  Jamie’s talk is certainly not tame or demure, but it held the keen attention of a very varied room of managers, including chief executives of private and public sector organisations and received unanimously positive comments.  A great speaker for any audience which won’t be forgotten in a hurry” – Agy Pasek

“We get so wrapped up in our day to day ‘inconveniences’ that we lose track of what it is really like to struggle, then succeed and the long lasting rewards this brings of always moving forward. I would highly recommend” – Investors Group

“Professional, inspirational and a real talent for motivational speaking, he made us laugh one minute, and cry with emotion next. Definitely inviting him back next year” – Rick Morgan, Director of 100 Mile Run Ltd

“Jamie’s an absolute machine and even as a professional sportsman, having been fortunate enough to have played with some of the very best players to ever step foot on a rugby field, it blows me away what he can put his body through! I watched in awe as Jamie delivered his homecoming speech at Gloucester Cathedral in front of thousands of supporters. What he’s achieved is nothing short of incredible and his talk was full of humour, personality and can’t have failed to inspire and motivate the people there, including myself” – Mike Tindall, Rugby Player, Captained England